Eighth Edition Core Set "Life Boost" Preconstructed Theme Deck

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Get to know the strategies and creatures of the Eighth Edition core set with a ready-to-play theme deck and a special strategy insert.

Life Boost

Live it up with the "Life Boost" deck. Lay down cards to increase your life total, or use your creatures to hold opposing creatures at bay while you take your opponents apart.


A ready-to-play 40-card theme deck and a customized strategy insert. Rulebook not included.


Common (31): 17 Plains 2 Suntail Hawk 2 Tundra Wolves 2 Angelic Page 2 Crossbow Infantry 3 Venerable Monk 1 Diving Griffin 1 Staunch Defenders 1 Healing Salve

Uncommon (7): 1 Seasoned Marshal 2 Angel of Mercy 1 Spirit Link 1 Pacifism 1 Chastise 1 Ivory Cup

Rare (2): 1 Blessed Reversal 1 Glorious Anthem


(No reviews yet) Write a Review